IMG_7825Take a deep breath. Hold it…and exhale. Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do this, you know, feel settled long enough to breathe again. I’ve been doing this life thing for 32 years. Since then, I’ve lived in three different countries…technically four if spending 30 months in a war-zone counts. My earliest memory of being fascinated with suitcases began when I was five and would stare endlessly at a brown leather suitcase my father owned. I used to button the straps and pretend as if I had somewhere to go.

Neither I nor my dad had a passport at the time. It would be eight long years before we finally got the chance to use that suitcase, rusted metal wheels, buckles and all. We moved to the United States. My life was spent in and out of suitcases after that, military-issued duffle bags too. Life in America was interesting. I plan to write often about it. It was both an enriching and heartbreaking experience. 18 years later, I packed my three squeaky suitcases and moved yet again to a new country. Now I live in Norway where I enjoy its beauty and thank the god of climate change for making winter mild. I won’t thank him/her too much, however. I hope to learn how to ski. I also plan to write a lot about Norway and why I chose to leave the comforts of California to live here. When I am not blogging, I am busy studying for a master’s degree at the University of Oslo.