It is has been a while since I wrote an entry, too long actually. It wasn’t because of a drought of ideas, some impenetrable sort of writer’s block. I needed some time to revaluate life after a recent loss in the family. He was my grandfather. I remember where I was when I found out he passed away. It was in the bleak hours of Sunday morning and the 20 hours preceding that, I returned from Norway, went to see an apartment and attended a Coldplay concert. All was well. I did not have the chance to turn on my personal phone in between the airport and the concert. I usually don’t turn on my phone immediately after returning. I have a few bad habits after I return from a trip (I’ll write more about this in the future), treating my phone like a red-headed stepchild is one of them.

Fast forward to me sitting in my hotel room and watching CNN, my body was still on Norwegian time. Still on a high from finally seeing Coldplay perform, I turned on my phone and in came the dreaded text messages my phone received while I was outside the country. It turned out that my cousin’s text would’ve been the most dreadful of all. My grandfather passed away. He died while I was en route to Oakland from Oslo.